Board of Health, Meeting Schedule, Fees

Meeting Schedule

Business of the Ashby Board of Health is generally conducted in open meeting, to which the public is welcome and invited. Meetings are generally held in Ashby Town Hall, The Lyman Building, Main Street, Ashby, on the fourth Wednesday of each month, except holidays, at 8 PM. Occasionally additional meetings, or meetings at other locations may be held, and notification is posted in accordance with Massachusetts regulations.

Note Regarding Building Permits and Certificates of Occupancy: Building and Occupancy Permit forms must be signed by all other departments except the Selectmen and the Building Inspector prior to obtaining a signature from the Board of Health.

Fees as of August 2013

Septic Permit for New Construction or Increase in Flow $175.00

Payment by check is required. Make check payable to Town of Ashby Board of Health. Note that Nashoba Associated Boards of Health (NABH, our agents) imposes additional fees for septic plan review and other actions. Please contact them directly for information at 1-800-427-9762.

There are also permit fees for other permits including, but not limited to, food service permits, solid waste transporter permits, etc. Contact the Board or NABH for information.