Town Clerk, Dogs

Who must License?
All dogs in the Town of Ashby must be licensed annually once the dog reaches 6 months old or within 30 days upon arrival to the town.

Licensing Period
The annual licensing period runs from January 1st to December 31st, both dates inclusive.

Licensing Fees
The annual fees for licensing your dogs are as follows:
Spayed or neutered $6.00
Not Spayed or Neutered $10.00

Late Fees
Applications for a license renewal received after April 1st will be issued a $10.00 late fee along with the license fee.

If you no longer own a dog please notify the Town Clerk’s office to avoid future notices and late fees. Call 978-386-2424 ext.10 or send email with the owners name and address, dogs name and breed and indicate that you no longer own this dog.

Licensing Forms
In order to license your dog (s), you will need the following:

Kennel Licenses
If you own four or more dogs, you must obtain a kennel license. The animal control officer must inspect your home before the license is issued. Kennel license fees are $25 for 4 dogs, $50 for 5-10 dogs and $75 for 10 dogs or more.

• For Kennel Licenses please use this form.