APRIL 24, 2000

The Town Clerk picked up the warrant at 11:30 a.m., Monday, April 24, 2000.

Election Officers on duty and duly sworn were as follows: Betty Ann Tiilikkala, Marie Moakley, Leona Sanford, Sibyl Hayes, Waldemar Tiilikkala, and Bertha Tiilikkala.

The polls opened at 12:00 noon.

The following is a list of candidates and the votes and blanks each received as they appeared on the official ballots:


MODERATOR, One year to fill vacancy  
Dennis M. Moore 113
All others 1
Blanks 15
Total Ballots Cast 129
SELECTMAN, Three years  
Janet L. Flinkstrom 100
All others 2
Blanks 27
Total Ballots Cast 129
TAX COLLECTOR, Three years  
Lee T. Mikkola 105
All others 12
Blanks 12
Total Ballots Cast 129
ASSESSOR, Three years  
Oliver H. Mutch 116
All others -
Blanks 13
Total Ballots Cast 129
CONSTABLE, One year to fill vacancy  
James A. Victoria 115
All others -
Blanks 14
Total Ballots Cast 129
BOARD OF HEALTH, Three years  
Christopher B. Allen 101
All others -
Blanks 28
Total Ballots Cast 129
Andrew J. Miller 122
All others -
Blanks 7
Total Ballots Cast 129
PLANNING BOARD, Five years  
Wayne A. Stacy 117
All others -
Blanks 12
Total Ballots Cast 129
Judith A. Kulju 98
Carol J. Mickola 100
Barbara C. Despres 67
Thomas Mikes 65
Blanks 57
Total Ballots Cast 387
Total Votes Cast 129
PARKS COMMISSIONER, Three years, (write-ins)
Linda Stacy 28
David Lammi 13
All others -
Blanks 88
Total Ballots Cast 129
TREE WARDEN, One year  
Charles E. Pernaa 33
All others -
Blanks 96
Total Ballots Cast 129

The polls closed at 7:30 p.m.

Tellers on duty and duly sworn were as follows: Ann Seymour, Deborah Pillsbury, Elaine Kielty, Shaun Kielty, Mariana Furtney-Fyfe, Michael Bigwood.

At the close of the polls the ballot box read 129 voters had cast a ballot; the checkers’ tally sheets read 129 voters had cast a ballot.

Dianne M. Enus, TOWN CLERK