The Fire Department, after many meetings and much discussion with the Selectmen about full time Chief-EMT or part time Chief, ended up with a part-time Chief again. I was appointed Acting Chief for one year from July 1, 2000, relieving retiring Chief Elmer S. Fitzgerald, Jr.

The department’s new Engine-1 was delivered in May, was put into service in early July and our old Engine 1 (71 Ford) was taken out of service.

The new Forest Fire Truck (to replace Engine 3), a Ford F-450, 4 wheel drive, was delivered in late July and a flat bed body was made and donated to the Fire Department by P & S Trucking in Ashby. A special thanks to Brian Pomerleau and his employees for their generosity and help. A 300-gallon water tank and reels and pump were installed on the flat bed and this piece is still being worked on with hopes that it will be done in early 2001.

Also, a Thermal Imaging Camera was purchased with monitor and accessories earlier in the year and an Ice Rescue Sled and two Rescue Suits were purchased in the fall. These devices are a real asset to the department. A special thank you also goes out to the folks who donated money to make these purchases happen.

Hopefully, in early 2001 a diesel cab and chassis will be purchased to replace our 1972 GMC Tanker. The plans are to switch the 2000-gallon tank to the newer chassis and add a front mount pump. This will upgrade the department with another diesel truck with auto-trans and air brakes. This will leave our Engine 4 (a 71 Ford) as the only piece left to have to upgrade or replace in the near future.

The department plans to meet with the Conservation Commission to come up with a plan for the dredging of our water holes, as many are being lost do to silt and leaves buildup in the bottom, which makes them useless for fire protection.

Also, it was voted by the Ashby Fire Fighters Association (the owners) to loan the hand tubs "Watatic" and the "Samuel P. Gates" to the Ashby Historical Society so that they may be viewed by the townspeople at the Historical Building. They were both moved to the Historical Building in time for their open house in the fall.

A total of 102 calls for assistance were answered in the 2000 calendar year with 12 regular practices and 4 regular meetings held, with many hours being volunteered by the Fire Department personnel during the year.

I would like to thank our retired Fire Chief Elmer S. Fitzgerald, Jr. for his help and support during this transition period. It has been many years since we have changed Fire Chiefs.

I thank Assistant Chiefs Dave Joseph, Bill Seymour, and Walt Hansen and all members of the Fire Department for their help and cooperation.

Also, I thank the Highway, Police and Ambulance Departments, the Selectmen, Town Administrator, and the entire Town Hall Staff for their assistance and cooperation.

Respectfully submitted,

Wayne A. Stacy,

Acting Fire Chief and Forest Fire Warden


Wayne Stacy  
Paul Lasorsa David Joseph
Peter McMurry Walt Hansen
Mark Haven Bill Seymour
Peter Montouri  
David Pillsbury Al Irish
Mark Baker Jim Hyatt
Mike Bussell Craig Irish
Bill Davis Dana Johnson
Elmer Fitzgerald Dave Lammi
Scott Florio Jim Joseph
Adam Lasorsa Jeff Montouri
Don Phelan Wayne Patnaude
Kari Rantala Dave Rainville
Timo Rantala Randy Stacy
Karin Morrill Neil Beauregard
Russ Cauvel Steve Beauregard
Tim Seymour Susie Houle
Matt Pernaa Paul Fredrickson