The Parks Department is responsible for the maintaining and improvements to Allen Field, basketball and tennis courts by the Town offices, the baseball field behind the school, the Town Common and the Town water supply by the Grange Hall. Over the years the Park Commissioners have been able to maintain only. All areas need major work done to be able to supply the residents of Ashby with great facilities to use.

The Town of Ashby has a beautiful facility at Allen Field off of West Road. Most towns that come to play baseball are envious. The Town doesn’t fund any part of Little League, but with the help of the Board of Directors from Ashby Little League, the fields have been maintained for several years. So many thanks to the parents, managers, coaches, the Board of Directors and Bill Davis for their hard work to keep the fields looking good.

The Parks Department would like to thank all those that helped over the past year. Many thanks to Derek Saari for his study and hard work putting a plan together to save, maintain and improve the trees on the common and the cemeteries. A lot of work needs to be done over the next three years to save the canopy of trees on the common.

The Parks Department would especially like to thank Bill and Ann Seymour for their continued service maintaining the Common. Mowing, raking and the placement of flowers during the summer months have kept our common looking the best in the area.

Respectfully submitted,

Peter McMurray

Linda Stacy

Tom Moore