This report includes the period of August, 2000 until December, 2000. The current enrollment is 1201 students in Grades 9 through 12. The freshman class is the largest and we expect an even larger enrollment next year.

All academic and enrichment courses are continuing to update and strengthen their respective curricula to align with the State Frameworks. Interdisciplinary courses continue to be taught in Social Studies and English; Advanced Placement courses continue to expand; the inclusion process is assisting students with special needs; and the School-to-Careers Program continues to support career awareness for all students at all levels with assistance from a grant through the Nashoba Valley partnership for Excellence in Education. Current 9th and 11th grade students who participated in State mandated testing (MCAS) last spring, scored higher overall than the State average in all sub-tests. Current 10th graders will participate in the fourth administration of the MCAS in April and May, 2001. We are currently making every effort to meet the needs of these students in order to raise scores on these tests.

Numerous renovations and maintenance projects have taken place at the high school in the last year. These include a new roof, new ventilation and air-conditioning units in the Academic Support Center and in Rooms 19, 15 and 9, new lights in the main hallway, new ceiling tiles and lights in freshman, home economics, senior and sophomore corridors, remote video cameras installed in key areas of the building, new screen installed in the auditorium, main office area remodeled to provide greater security and the acquisition of several television monitors to complete the closed circuit television system. The latest project is the installation of new exterior windows has greatly improved the appearance of the building as well as saving energy.

North Middlesex Regional High School students continue to achieve excellence in various academic and enrichment areas, receiving top honors in the New England Math League, Odyssey of the Mind, voice, band, drama and art competitions, and athletic events. Students have also been active in school organizations, including National Honor Society, Student Council, S.A.D.D., Amnesty International, Students Together Opposing Prejudice (S.T.O.P.), The Gay and Lesbian Alliance, yearbook, Pen & Ink newspaper, FLIGHT literary magazine. In addition, a Debate Club has begun interscholastic competition.

I am very happy to serve as Principal of North Middlesex Regional High School. Our school continues to be recognized throughout the area as our students strive for excellence in academics, athletics, arts, music and other co-curricular activities. The spirit of teamwork that exists beginning with the Central Office, building administrators, teachers and other staff is a major reason for this success.

Our staff at North Middlesex Regional High School intends to make every effort to build on past success and raise the level of achievement of all students as we begin the twenty-first century.

Charles P. DeFilippo