Report of the Treasurer for Fiscal Year 2000


This is my second Annual Report as your Treasurer. My first report was on the challenge of the Treasurer’s Office and this report still has challenges, but of lesser degree.

Learning to save our tax dollars in the first year continues to be a mandate of mine and just as it is rewarding for all taxpayers. Fiscal Year 2000 Temporary Loan Interest Expense was still under $10,000.00 as compared to previous years of more than $29,000.00. It looks like FY 2001 will produce even greater savings in Temporary Loan Interest.

This year was the year to review all Tax Titles and to balance them with the Tax Collector. However, due to the change of personnel in the Accounting position this was not completed. I will continue to work on correcting the Tax Titles until they are correct and in compliance with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts mandate.

The cash is in balance with the Town Accountant. We still have a very cooperative partnership and do communicate on matters of interest with all the officials in charge of the affairs of the Town Financial Business. I assure you that this will continue under my tenor as Treasurer.

Listed below are the Trust Funds Balances in custody of the Treasurer as of June 30, 2000:

Summer Taylor School Fund $ 3,185.34

Jesse Foster School Fund $ 1,286.25

Samuel P. Gates School Fund $ 20,987.68

Roxanne Robbins Chapel Fund $ 65,421.95

Perpetual Care Cemetery Fund $ 61,698.34

Sales of Lots Fund $ 28,300.86

Stabilization Fund/old account $ 108,009.26

Stabilization Fund/ new account $ 82,929.48


I thank all the "Team Players" at Town Hall, and the community for their support, and I am looking forward to another good year of support to the taxpayers.

Respectfully submitted

G. Lillian Whitney, Treasurer