AVAILABLE FUNDS - Free cash, reserves, and unexpected balances available for appropriation.

CHAPTER 90 - General Law which provides for contributions by the State for construction and maintenance of certain town road, usually roads leading from one town to another.

CHERRY SHEET - Details of State and County charges and reimbursements used in determining the tax rate; known as "Cherry Sheet" due to color of the paper originally used.

ESTIMATED RECEIPTS - Estimate of miscellaneous receipts based on previous year’s receipts deducted by the Assessors from gross amount to be raised by taxation.

FREE CASH - Amount certified by the Department of Revenue determined by any excess revenue and unexpended appropriations of the prior year.

MATCHING FUNDS - Amount made available by special State and Federal acts to supplement local appropriations for specific types of projects.


(Formerly OVERLAY) - Amount raised by Assessors for purpose of creating a fund to cover abatements granted.

PROVISION FOR ABATEMENTS & EXEMPTIONS SURPLUS (formerly OVERLAY SURPLUS) - Excess determined by the Assessors (exceeding tax balance for that year) which may be voted for extra-ordinary or unforeseen purposes.

RESERVE FUND - Amount appropriated for unforeseen or emergency purposes, controlled exclusively by the Finance Committee.