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Some of the many reasons why births should be recorded:

  • To establish identity. To establish nationality. To prove legitimacy

    To show when a child has a right to enter school.

    To show when a child has a right to seek employment under the Child Labor Law

    To establish the right to inheritance of property.

    To establish liability to military duty, as well as exemption therefrom.

    To establish the right to vote.

    To qualify to hold title to and to buy and sell real estate.

    To establish the right to hold public office.

    To prove the age at which the marriage contract may be entered into.

  • To make statistical study of the health conditions.

    Errors can only be corrected by a sworn affidavit as prescribed by Massachusetts law, and may cause you inconvenience which can be avoided by your prompt attention.





    Please note that records of births and deaths will no longer be published in the Annual Town Report.





    The Town Clerk hereby gives notice that she is prepared to furnish parents, householders, physicians, and registered hospital officers applying therefor, with blanks for return of births as required by law; also death and medical certificates, which are required for premarital medical examination.