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Communications Report

The past year has been a very challenging year in the area of communications.

In the month of December 1998 we received our new license from the FCC authorizing us to transmit on a second frequency.

With the financial help from a grant offered by UNITIL, we have been working very diligently to bring our new communications system on line. We are 90% compete at this writing and should be complete by late spring.

The new system will give us the capability to communicate from any place in town without going through the dispatcher, eliminating all the dead spots. We will also eliminate all the interference on our frequencies with a P.L. code.

A sincere thank you to all of our dedicated dispatchers for continually giving 110% without which all the shifts would not have been covered.

Late summer we struggled through the resignations of two full-time dispatchers, Nancy Maguire and Melody Ward. A special thank you to Nancy Maguire for her many years of professional service to the town in the 4 P.M. to midnight shift

I would also like to thank the Department Heads and Personnel of the Fire, Ambulance, Police, and Highway Departments for their continued support and cooperation.

Respectfully Submitted.

A. Douglas Cudmore

Civil Defense Director