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665 Calls Received
5 Dogs Struck By Motor Vehicles
  (Three of the dogs struck died)
8 Dog Bites Reported
64 Dogs Returned To Owners
13 Trips To A Veterinarian
  (Animals Checked and given shots)
13 Dogs Sold To Individuals
2 Dogs died (Believe one was poisoned, the other was very old)
11 Referrals for Cats or Kittens
1 Dog Shot
7 Dogs Ordered Restrained or Confined
1 Report of Dogs Chasing Horses
2 Reports of Dogs Biting Tires

One, dog bit a hole in a bicycle tire

Two, dog going up the street biting car tires

On Easter Sunday I had quite an Easter surprise. A stray dog had seven very healthy puppies. Good homes were found for all sevenIf you have a dog or puppies you cannot keep, please call the Dog Officer at 386-7736 and I will list them for you. If your dog is missing, please call me at 385-7736.

If you are thinking of adopting a dog, please remember there are usually dogs here at the Dog Pound hoping to be adopted. Also there are dogs and puppies that are listed.

Please remember there is a Dog Control Law in Ashby. If you have questions about the Ashby Municipal Dog Control Law, call the Dog Officer at 386-7736.

NOTE – Cassandra Tomkins of All Dogs Allowed has offered to give free training to dogs adopted from the Ashby Dog Pound. The dog must be in the adopted home for six months before the training is given.

I want to thank the Selectmen, Police Department, Town Clerk, radio dispatchers, Town officials, and the townspeople for their help and cooperation this past year. A special thank you to Bob and Mary Hale of the Main Street Trilogy, and Norman and Carol Stacy of the Fitchburg Animal Clinic.

Respectfully submitted,

Allen Phillips

Dog Officer