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The Board of Trustees of the Ashby Free Public Library is a nine-member elected board whose members each serve a three-year term. The board meets on the fourth Monday of each month in the library at 7:00 p.m. Board officers are Maureen Davi, Chairperson; Faith Anttila, Vice Chairperson; Helen Nash, Financial Secretary, Susan Suokko, Secretary; Judy Kulju, Treasurer; and Paul McGrail, Assistant Treasurer. Carol Mickola chairs the Scholarship Committee and Dwight Horan and Kevin McLatchey are the Building Committee.

In 1998 the Board of Trustees authorized the formation of a group interested in the library to assess the building’s needs as well as the community’s library needs for the future. The group, made up of library trustees, members of the Friends of the Ashby Public Library, and interested individuals met twice monthly for 10 months using a workbook provided by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners to "dream" about the ideal library to serve the people of Ashby well into the next century. Library trustees will decide soon whether or not to use the results of this group’s work to embark on a program to expand and modernize the Ashby Free Public Library building.

The Ashby Free Public Library Fund, an umbrella fund for bequests made to the library, continues to provide scholarships to town residents pursuing higher education at accredited colleges and universities. Every student who applies for scholarship money and provides proof of attendance each year of study receives scholarship money. The amount of money available for scholarships each year depends on the income generated and the number of applicants. Following is a list of recipients for the 1998-1999 school year: Justin Adams, Luke Awtry, Mason Awtry, Jeremy Barrette, Peter Barrette, Philip Barrette, Timothy Barrette, Kristine Belliveau, Leya Bergquist, Koren Bernardi, Peter Bezanson, Drew Bourn, Sean Brackett, Elizabeth Brooke, Matthew Brooke, Christine Brown, Melanie Brown, Misty Brown, Danielle Carlson, Ronda Chase, Jennifer Craigen , Jo Ann Dik, Derick Fors, Ruthann Goguen, Sara Goubeaud, Mark Hamilton, Kathryn Hebb, Andrew Hewitt, Erin Hewitt, Rebecca Haywood, Karen Holmes, Aaron Hopkins, Seth Hopkins, Carl Johnson, Andrew Kimball, Robyn King, Zachary King, Stephanie Lammi, Heather Lapham, Victoria Lapham, Evan LaPorte, John Lehtinen, Allisen Lemay, Emily Lemay, Krysia LePoer, Greg Lonnqvist, Elizabeth Manney, Marco Martinez, Amy Mathieu, Derek Mathieu, David McFarland, Melissa McMurray, April Miles, Alecia Miller, Sarah Murray, Joshua Myles, Nathaniel, Myles, Corrine Nickerson, Jules Pelto, Lauren Pelto, Jeni Pernaa, Matthew Pernaa, Amber Pouliot, Perry Radford, Peter Radford, Laura Lee Raymond, Beth Rodgers, Cory Salo, Jon Salo, Amy Saari, Mary Saari, Krysten Schreiber, William Shaw, Martha Smith, Matthew Stacey, Benjamin Stuart, Aubrey Theall, Craig Thibaudeau, Renne Thibaudeau, Christopher Waltz, Deanna Waltz, Lisa Weinshenker.

The Board wishes to thank the Friends of the Ashby Public Library for their continued generosity in supporting the library mission. The Friends have refurbished and furnished the Sibley Room on the lower level of the library to increase the amount of space available for library and community activities and continue to fund special programs and events at the library.

Library Director Marja LePoer continues to deserve commendation for the time and energy she expends doing library work. In addition to providing special programs for young library users, Marja has worked tirelessly to upgrade and update library services. We also wish to thank Anne Reggio for her many years serving the town and the library as a member and as chairperson of this committee.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Suokko