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Townsend Ashby Pepperell



This report includes the period of August, 1998 until December, 1998. The student enrollment at North Middlesex Regional High School has continued to increase over previous years, now totaling approximately 1200 students in Grades 9 through 12. The freshman class continues to increase more than the upper grades.

All academic and enrichment courses are continuing to update and strengthen their respective curricula to align with the State’s Common Core of Learning. Interdisciplinary courses continue to be taught in social studies and English; the Advanced Placement program of courses continues to expand; the inclusion process is assisting students with special needs; and the School-to-Careers program continues to support career awareness for all students at all levels with assistance from a grant through the Nashoba Valley Partnership for Excellence in Education. Current 9th and 11th grade students who participated in State-mandated testing (MCAS) last spring scored higher overall than the State average in all sub-tests. Current 10th graders will participate in the second administration of the MCAS in April and May 1999.

Numerous renovations and maintenance activities have taken place at the high school in the last year, including the completion of a new parking lot, renovation of the main entrance way, installation of nine interior corridor doors and front entrance doors, new sound and lighting systems for the auditorium, complete renovation of the field hockey field, a sprinkler system for the main athletic field, additional and improved hallway lighting, and the acquisition of additional classroom furniture.

North Middlesex students are maintaining excellence in various academic and enrichment areas, continuing to receive top honors in the New England Math league; Odyssey of the Mind; Academic Decathlon; voice, band, drama and art competitions; and athletic events. Students have also been active in school organizations, including National Honor Society, Student Council, SADD, Amnesty International, Students Together Opposing Prejudice (STOP), The Gay and Lesbian Alliance, the school yearbook and newspaper, FLIGHT literary magazine, and their grade level classes. In addition, a Debate Club is being developed for future competition.