Emergency Management Report

Formerly Civil Defense

The primary focus for the past year in emergency management has been the issue of Y2K. Our priority has been to insure that we were Y2K compliant with all of our emergency services so as not to experience any interruptions in our 911 system. Frequent meetings were held at the emergency management headquarters to offer updates and suggestions on the Y2K situation.

Another objective for this past year was in the area of L.E.P.C. This is a state mandated program organized to help with problems related to hazardous waste. Monthly planning meetings were held at the Ayer Police Station to assist department heads in formulating a plan in the event of a hazardous waste spill or disaster.

Respectfully submitted,

  • A. Douglas Cudmore

    Director, Emergency Management



    I would like to begin this annual report by thanking all of the members of the Ashby Emergency Medical Services. The First Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics who volunteer time every week to be on call so we may provide this service to our community is exceptional.

    This year has been difficult for our service. Most of our members have daytime jobs leaving our community without coverage for EMS services during the daytime hours. Several times this year we have not been able to respond with our ambulance. This inability to respond increases the time it takes for sick or injured to receive care due to an ambulance responding from another town. This issue is deeply concerning to myself and the members of our service. We are always seeking out individuals who are in town during the daytime hours to help us provide this service. The Board of Selectmen is researching the benefits of a full time Fire Chief / EMT, a position that would greatly enhance our ability to respond to EMS calls during the daytime.

    This year we are getting three new EMT's to our service who have recently completed their EMT course. We hope that they will pass there certification exams an begin taking call by the time this report is published. This will bring our staff levels to 11 EMT's, 3 Paramedics and 2 First Responders.

    The Police Department has received a new state of the art defibrillator this year. All patrolmen are trained and the unit is in service. All of the police vehicles are equipped with oxygen and first aid equipment supplied and stocked by our service. All police officers are trained as First Responders and two are certified EMT's. I would like to thank the members of the Ashby Police Department for their assistance during EMS calls.

    I would also like to thank the members of the Ashby Fire Department and the Highway Department for their assistance during EMS calls.

    This year the members of the EMS have conducted several education classes and participated in most of the town events by providing blood pressure clinics.


    Adam Lasorsa, EMT 3 years service

    Scott Florio, EMT 3 years service

    James Hyatt, Paramedic 11 years service

    Doug Cudmore, EMT 20 years service

    Mark Forgues, Paramedic 25 years service

    Linda Brook, EMT 10 years service

    Sue Cudmore, EMT 15 years service

    Paul Lasorsa, EMT 16 years service

    Tom Walker, Paramedic 25 years service

    Kari Rantala, EMT 5 years service

    Fred Alden, EMT 5 years service

    Bill Davis, F/R 5 years service

    Joan Hatcher, F/R 1 year service

    Wanda McDonald, F/R 1 year service

    Lisa Dupill, F/R 1 year service

    Lisa Florio, F/R 1 year service



    Respectfully submitted,

    James A. Hyatt, NREMT/P

    Director, Ashby EMS