The Fire Department answered a total of 130 calls for assistance during the 1999 calendar year. Twelve regular training sessions, four regular meetings, and two special training sessions were held.

More than 1200 hours have been "volunteered" this past year by your firefighters. This amount exceeds our paid time. Without this additional help, all the tests mentioned in the paragraph below could not have been completed.

All fire pumps were "flow and pressure" tested to be sure they perform to specifications. The 2" hose as well as our 4" and 5" hose has been pressure tested as required. Most all of the dry hydrants were checked and flushed during the spring and fall.

I have had many requests to hold another Hazardous Waste Day. The last one, which was held in October 1997, was very well utilized, with more than 135 households taking part. I have requested an appropriation of funds to schedule another Hazardous Waste Day this fall.

Our new fire engine has been ordered with an expected delivery date of late April 2000. We plan to remove the 2000-gallon aluminum tank from our existing tanker and install it on Engine 1’s cab and chassis.

We have burned more than 29,000 gallons of used motor oil in the waste oil furnace since it was installed in November of 1989. I will be requesting a new waste oil furnace this year. Because of trouble getting replacement parts, the furnace has had too much ‘downtime". Because recycling is becoming a "way of life," I would encourage everyone to bring their waste oil to the Fire Station on Sunday mornings between 9 AM and 12 NOON.

Many of our water holes are in need of some serious work, primarily dredging. Hopefully, with the help of the Conservation Commission, this will be addressed this summer.

It has been a pleasure to work with our Town Administrator, Linda Sanders. Working together, we are hoping to get some State grants, primarily for water holes.

In closing, I thank the Assistant Chiefs, Dave Joseph, Wayne Stacy, and Walt Hanson, as well as all the members of the Fire Department, for their continued help and support. Also a special "Thank You" to the Highway Department for an excellent job of snow removal and assistance at our day time fires, to our dispatchers, the Police Department, the Ambulance Crew, and to the Civil Defense Department for their help and cooperation. With all departments working together we are able to provide our citizens the protection and care that they deserve.


Respectfully submitted,

Elmer S. Fitzgerald, Jr.