This report covers work performed by the Ashby Highway Department between January 1, 1999 and December 31, 1999.

Road Mileage breakdown for the Town of Ashby: Unaccepted .84, State 11.62, Local 53.21, Total 65.67.

Road Maintenance and Construction: General cold patching was done on all town roads this year as many times as potholes made it necessary. Spring, midsummer and fall gravel road grading was done on most gravel roads.

Guard Rail Replacement: None.

General Brush Cutting: was performed in various locations throughout town.

Equipment: None purchased this year.

Personnel: We are currently operating with six people, which now returns us to full strength on personnel. We are already experiencing an increase in flexibility and also an increase in productivity. I expect this to increase even more as the new personnel gain experience in highway department operations.

Winter Operations: All town snow removal equipment was repaired and prepared for service during the summer months. We have stockpiled 4,079.64 tons of winter sand in anticipation of this year’s storms. Note that types and numbers of storms may make it necessary to bring in more materials. Winter sand pile breaks down as follows:

Materials Quantity Costs

Sand 3,523.48 tons $21,070.41

Salt 556.16 tons $16,195.37

Total Stockpile 4,079.64 tons $37,265.78

Total materials expended for last season’s road treatments are as follows: Sand 3,940.75 tons at a cost of $23,565.68 and 1,251.63 tons of salt for a cost of $37,774.19.

Total for materials expenditures only, $61,339.87.

Cross Culverts replaced: Two on Piper Road, one on Harris Road.

Bridge Repairs: The Rindge Road and Wares Road bridge replacement projects continue to be on hold due to lack of State Funding.

Catch Basin and dropped inlet structure repairs, replacements, and new installations.

Quantity Location Action

Dropped inlet 3 Piper Road Installed

Dropped inlet 1 Piper Road Repaired

New Side Drain Installation:

Location Length

Piper Road 2,580 Feet

Drainage Maintenance:

All Town drainage structures were cleaned.

Total number of drainage structures: 354.

  • Total Cost of Cleaning: $3,345.00
  • NOTE: With the Town’s acceptance of Nash, Page, Millstone, Mill Creek and Wilder Roads, thirty-one drainage structures were added to the Town’s inventory for maintenance.

    Road Shimming: This year’s road shimming breaks down as follows:

    Location Quantity

    Jewett Hill Road 160 Tons

    Foster Road 350 Tons

    Frost Road 120 Tons

    County Road 140 Tons

    Damon Road 70 Tons

    Total for shimming 840 Tons cost $26,040.00






    Road Sealing:

    The following roads were edged, prepped and sand sealed this year:

    Jewett Hill Road Entire length

    Whitney Road Entire length of paved section

    Frost Road Entire length

    Nourse Road Entire length

    Piper Road South Road to graveled section

    Flint Road Entire length

    Damon Road Entire length

    Total gallons of seal 19,922.38 – cost $28,488.99

    Total tons of cover sand 796.35 – cost 4,762.17

    Total seal project – cost $33,251.16

    State Chapter 90 Projects:

    Paving and reclamation of Old Northfield and Piper Roads.

    Old Northfield Road was completed for its entire length.

    Piper Road starting at Rindge Road and ending at Erickson Road

    Projects breakdown as follows:

    Total Area Cost

    Reclamation: 27,704.00 sq. yds. $ 41,833.04

    Paving 6,671.59 total tons $189,806.74

  • Drain Pipe 1,040 length in feet $ 2,864.12
  • Stone for drainage 501.32 tons $ 4,511.88

  • $251,340.82
  • Gravel for shoulders and sub-base.

    1,700 tons $ 12,325.04

    Total Project Cost: $251,340.82

    At this time, I extend my thanks to all local contractors who have assisted the Town this year by loaning the Highway Department equipment which it does not possess. I thank all Town Boards and Departments for their cooperation throughout the year. I also thank the Highway Personnel, themselves, for their year’s service.

    Respectfully submitted,

    William A. Davis