Police Department Report - 1999

When I assumed the position of Acting Chief of Police in October of 1999, I made service a priority. Having made a commitment to Ashby, both as a resident and as a police officer, I have come to understand what the members of this community expect of their police department. For this reason, I have focused on numerous service-oriented objectives. Foremost, breaking with past practice, I have started a training program to secure specialized training for the majority of officers. This has provided resources in Motor Vehicle Accident Investigation, Domestic Violence, Internet and Electronic Fraud, Crime Scene Investigation, Firearms Law & Licensing, and related skills. While we are a small agency, this training enables us to provide a wide host of police services to the community whenever the need arises. I have also established an in-house training program to recruit and train new personnel to the highest standards possible.

In addition, we have recently trained our officers in computer software and computer networking to support a new electronic record keeping system for incident management. By having these skills in-house, we can make the most cost-effective use of our equipment and provide a high level of service.

I have also made it a priority that all officers be available to the community. We held an open house in December to allow residents to get to know their police officers in an informal setting, and we will be holding more in the coming months. Many officers have volunteered to participate in community events, such as the Ashby Community Council’s Holiday Basket distribution in November and December.

Having made these changes, the department has received substantial and favorable feedback from the community. I want to encourage everyone to make use of their police department, to get to know their police officers, and to feel free to talk with us.

In the fall of 1999, The Town of Ashby saw a dramatic increase in the number of housebreaks. While a number of these have been successfully investigated and prosecuted, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage the community to make use of neighborhood watch programs. Any residents interested in such a program should contact the police department for assistance in establishing a watch program.

1999 was also a year of increased domestic violence calls. These are difficult calls for all involved, including the police officers. These are crimes that are investigated and prosecuted vigorously, but they are usually the end result of a family in crisis. The police department can refer you to a number of resources designed to help with these problems. It is our objective to provide you with the assistance that you need to prevent a crisis from turning into a crime.

I want to thank the Ashby community, my fellow department heads, and the officers of this department for their unwavering support. Without their dedication and commitment, our success would not be possible.


Respectfully Submitted,


James A. Victoria

Acting Chief of Police







Department Roster

James A. Victoria Acting Chief of Police

Derek J. Pepple Patrolman, Court Officer, Drug Officer

  • Fred S. Alden Patrolman, Detective, Evidence Officer, EMT

    Steven C. McLatchy Patrolman (new hire 11/99), Firearms Licensing Coordinator, LEAPS Computer Representative, Juvenile & Elder Affairs Officer, EMT

  • James R. Raymond Reserve, Armorer

    Kevin J. Arsenault Reserve

    Kevin M. St. John Reserve

    Susan A. Brennan Reserve

    Richard H. Michel Reserve

    Brian E. Hart Reserve (new hire, 11/99), D.A.R.E. Officer

    Erik C. Salo Trainee (as of, 10/99)

    George D. Reidy Trainee (as of, 10/99)

    Tony A. Brennan Trainee (as of, 10/99)

    Peter M. Craig Trainee (as of, 01/00)

    Cheryl L. Enus Administrative Assistant (new hire, 11/99)