Annotated Statistics

Town of Ashby

Environmental Health Department

Environmental Information Responses

Ashby Office (days) 95

The Nashoba sanitarian is available for the public twice a week at the Ashby Board of Health Office.

Nashoba Office 12

This number reflects miscellaneous meetings held at Nashoba's Ayer office for Ashby residents

Food Service Licenses 11

Nashoba annually mails out and receives application from both restaurants and retail food businesses. Licenses are renewed for existing facilities. Plans are submitted and reviewed prior to initial licensing.

Food Service Inspections 18

All licensees are inspected at a minimum twice a year. Where deficiencies are found, a re-inspection is scheduled to insure compliance. When a complaint from the public is received an inspection is also conducted. During this inspection health factors of food handlers is also investigated, and where appropriate medical consultation and laboratory testing may be required.

Beach/Camp/School Inspections 6

Camps are inspected at least annually at opening for compliance with State Sanitary Code, Chapter IV, 105CMR430.00. Public swimming beaches are sampled for water quality every other week during the summer and more often if a problem is suspected.

Housing & Nuisance Investigations 4

Nashoba, as agent for the local Board of Health, inspects dwellings for conformance with State Sanitary Code, 105 CMR 410.00, issues orders for correction, and reinspect for compliance. Similarly, complaints from residents concerning unsanitary conditions or pollution events are investigated.

Septic System Test Applications 51

Applications from residents proposing to build or upgrade a septic system are accepted, a file created, and testing dates are coordinated with the applicant's engineer.

Septic System Lot Tests 209

Nashoba sanitarian witnesses soil evaluations, deep hole tests, and, usually on a separate date, percolation tests conducted by the applicant's engineer which serve as the basis of the design of the septic system.

Septic System Plan Applications 26

Detailed plans created by engineers hired by residents proposing to build or upgrade a septic system are received, filed, and routed to the Nashoba sanitarian for review.

Septic System Plan Reviews 83

Engineered plans are reviewed according to state code, Title 5, and local Board of Health regulations and review forms are created and sent to engineer for revision. Subsequent re-submittals by the engineer are also reviewed.

Septic System Permit Applications 43

Applicants' approved plan submittals and Board of Health requirements are incorporated into a permit to construct the septic system.

Septic System Inspections 103

Nashoba Sanitarian is called to construction site at various phases of construction to witness & verify that system is built according to plans.

Septic System Consultations 19

During all phases of application, design, and construction the `Nashoba Sanitarian is called upon for legal details and interpretation.

Well Permits 37

Water Quality/Well Consultations 63

Private wells are regulated solely by local Board of Health regulations, The Nashoba Sanitarian assist the BOH by reviewing well plans, securing well water samples, and interpreting water quality test results.

Rabies Clinics - Animals Immunized 24

Nashoba arranges for local clinics with cooperating veterinarians, arranging for dates and location, placing ads in local newspapers, and sending home flyers through local schools. In addition, since the recent raccoon rabies epizootic Nashoba has arranged for delivery of over 500 animal specimens to the State lab in Boston for analysis and has counseled possible exposure victims to seek medical assistance.

Nashoba Nursing Service

Nursing Visits 238

Nashoba's Certified Home Health Registered Nurses visit patients at home under their physician's orders to provide an assessment of physical, psychological, and nutritional needs. Skills include teaching/supervision of medications, wound care, ostomy care, IV therapy on a 24-hour basis, catheter care, case management and referral to other services as needed.

Physical Therapy Visits 38

Occupational Therapy Visits 18

Nashoba Therapists provide skilled therapeutic interventions through assessment, treatment and education. Their integration of client, caregiver, and medical outcomes aims at attaining maximum functional independence.

Medical Social Service Visits 6

Nashoba Social Workers provide short-term assistance to patients at home for counseling and referral to community resources.

Home Health Aide Visits 246

Nashoba's Certified Home Care Aides provide assistance with bathing dressing, exercises and meal preparation.

Local Well Adult, Support Groups, & Other Clinic

Patients Seen 240

Dental Health Department

Nashoba Program (Historically Funded Through Environmental Assessment)

Examination, Cleaning & Fluoride - Grades K, 2 & 4

Nashoba's Certified Hygienists, operating out of the school nurse's office and records, provide these services to those children whose parents have given written consent.

Students Eligible 369

Students Participating 222

Referred to Dentist 22

Nashoba's Certified Hygienists also provide classroom instruction of cleaning and maintaining health teeth to all children in these grades.

Number of Programs 18

Students Participating 360

Fluoride Rinse Grant Program (State Supplied Materials, Nashoba Administered, Local Volunteers)

Nashoba's certified Hygienists secure the dental materials for this program through a grant application to the Massachusetts Department o Public Health.

Students Participating 234