Conservation Commission, Trail Inventory

Interested in Participating? email the Conservation Commission

The Ashby Conservation Commission and Montachusett Regional Planning Commission (MRPC) will be working on a Trail Inventory Study this spring. This project will involve working with the towns of Ashby, Fitchburg and Lunenburg to identify existing trails, discuss the potential for new trail development and the possible connections to trails in surrounding communities.  The goal of this project is to update our GIS trail database and produce a basic trail report and trail maps for each community.  So far, the MRPC has completed a trail inventory report for 13 of its 22 communities. 

 To begin this process we will be collecting any trail data that is currently available for Ashby.  If you, or anyone in your Ashby, have trail maps, documents, or better yet GIS files, please email or mail them to me or we can make arrangements so I can pick up the data.  Any information you can provide would be extremely helpful.  We will be holding a trail kick-off meeting in each community this coming spring. 

 We are also looking for trail groups or organizations that may exist in your community to use in our contact list.  Any names and contact information for interested individuals will be helpful.

The MRPC receives funds from our MassHighway contract to do transportation type projects for our region.  Some of these tasks include the non traditional type transportation projects such as trails.  Each year we work with 3-4 communities on gathering trail data to update in our GIS system.  All of the data we gather will be given back to each community with a map of the trails and the trails we’ve already gathered in the surrounding towns.  This will mainly help those small towns that may or may not already have a GIS system in place, or those that would like their already existing data to be better organized.  This is a free service to the town, all it will require is attending 2 trail meetings that we will set up – one this spring, and one in the fall.