Town of Ashby

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Land Use Coordinator
Job Description:

Administrative, supervisory and technical work in assisting the Planning Board, Conservation Commission, Agricultural Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals (Land Use Boards); all other related work as required.

Distinguishing Characteristics:
Works at the behest of the Town Administrator and under the direction of the Land Use Boards.

Exercises considerable independent judgment in carrying out Land Use Boards’ policies and in rendering professional advice.

Assists in reviewing, updating and implementing long term plans.

Supervises the equivalent of one part-time employee.

Makes frequent contacts with developers, contractors, engineers, the general public, other town departments and officials, and regional and state officials providing information or exercising persuasion.

Errors in the technical application of procedures or in the interpretation of state and local legislation, community attitudes and regional developments could result in recommendations and town meeting decisions adversely affecting community development and planning.

May have access to a limited amount of department-related confidential information.

Minimal physical effort required in performing duties under typical office conditions and limited field observation.

Examples of Work:
Provides professional advice to the Land Use Boards on the Wetlands Protection Act, The Rivers Protection Act, Chapters 40A, 40B & 40R, subdivision rules and regulations, evaluation of plans, applications for special permits and variances, proposed zoning bylaw amendments, and decisions relating to all areas of community planning and development, wetlands and rivers protection and appeals to the ZBA.

Supervises the Land Use office; administers Boards Activities; oversees compliance with special permit conditions; orders of conditions, coordinates local review of private development proposals; prepares agenda and schedules meetings; follows up on decisions and actions taken by the Board; schedules and posts meetings; schedules and advises meetings of Land Use Boards subcommittees; coordinates Board's activities with other town departments.

Maintains communication with Land Use Boards to ensure that each is aware of all activities of the others; provides advice and makes grant applications on behalf of these boards.

Maintains contact with the Building Inspector, Board of Health and other Boards related to land use.

Prepares and assists in presentation of articles to town meeting under direction of the Land Use Boards; analyzes petition articles for potential impact.

Assists and advises landowners, developers and other interested persons seeking information of the town's zoning bylaw and subdivision rules and regulations and the application of M.G.L. Chapter 40A.

Assists and advises landowners, developers and other interested persons making application to any of the Land Use Boards.

Monitors national, state and municipal community development trends and interprets such trends to the Boards; recommends priorities and projects for physical, environmental and economic development; maintains and updates planning data including land use maps, overlays, and statistical information; implements and oversees and keeps accurate files on projects approved by the Boards.

Prepares and documents annual departmental budget; maintains complete records of expenses and accounts.

Recommended Minimum Qualifications
Education and Experience:
Duties require a Bachelor’s degree in city or regional planning, with specialization in land use and environmental planning; two or more years experience in a municipal planning department; or any equivalent combination of education and experience

Knowledge, Ability and Skill:
Thorough knowledge of local zoning bylaws, subdivision rules and regulations, Wetlands and Rivers Protection Acts, and applicable state statutes, rules and regulations. Ability to interpret regulations firmly, tactfully and impartially. Ability to conduct independent research and interpret results. Ability to communicate effectively with both the written and spoken word, and to execute programs in a professional manner. Possess organizational skill necessary to keep accurate accounts and files for tracking projects. Ability to prepare and administer budgets and to read plans. Certification as a planner desirable. Familiarity with computers essential.