Minutes of the Finance Committee, May 1, 2000 (section 2)

Final half hour

Ms. Vogt had to leave meeting, so these are continuation of her notes.

Continued Discussion on Town Meeting Items

Mr. Roarke proposed to support FinCom’s lack of recommendation for ATM Article 10 (to develop a new transfer station/waste management plan), by reporting this article was based on competing plans, none of which the Finance Committee has had time to evaluate.

Correction to General Expenses

Moderator Moore pointed out that line 169 in the budget should read $84,000 and line 170 should read 0. This is a clerical error.

Article 19—Conservation Commission article requesting rollbacks from Chapter funds to finance land purchase. FinCom feels that this issue has also not been studied enough and we would like to review history of these funds and monitor them going forward and report back to town with recommendation.

Mr. Moore reported that pre-town meeting will be a rehearsal for the Town Meeting and that no phone-ins will be accepted. People may attend as regular selectmen’s meetings and ask questions, of course.

Reserve Fund transfers FinCom voted the following Reserve Fund transfers:

$231.76 from the reserve fund for unemployment compensation

$500 for Treasurer’s expense/repair to computer

General Discussion Mr. Morey asked whether others wanted to be chair and said he’d be willing to serve another year. Ms. Roberts suggested some changes to meeting room, with committee sitting at a table, so all could have space to work and in order to create a more open atmosphere. Mr. Morey was opposed to idea, saying it undermines authority of the committee. There was some discussion about the change, with Mr. Roarke and Mr. Nash agreeing that the current meeting setup was not conducive to good exchange of information. All agreed to discuss more next year.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Roberts,
Acting Clerk