Minutes of the Finance Committee, May 6, 2000

Special Town Meeting/Annual Town Meeting

In attendance: members Donahue, Nash, Morey, Roarke, Roberts.

Chair Morey called meeting to order at town meeting, 9:40 a.m.

Both town meetings proceeded, with voting results recorded by the Town Clerk. The budget was balanced at end of town meeting.

Following the meeting, members Morey, Nash, and Roberts met briefly to discuss reorganization.

Ms. Roberts was elected clerk, though she accepted with proviso that during heavy budget season, note-taking be rotated among other members–other than Ms. Vogt who had done the job for two years–in order to distribute this time-consuming job more fairly. Mr. Nash agreed to help.

Mr. Roarke had previously indicated he wanted to be chair but was seriously concerned by results of town meeting, particularly the Town’s votes against recommendations of the FinCom. He requested he not be elected immediately, but be given time to reconsider his membership on FinCom.

Mr. Morey suggested that he be elected to act as temporary chair until Mr. Roarke’s decision. Mr. Morey was duly elected temporary chair until next FinCom meeting could confirm permanent officers for FY01.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,


Peggy Roberts