Minutes of the Finance Committee

April 4, 2001


In attendance: Members Farley, Nash, Raymond, Roberts, and Vogt.

Chair Vogt called the meeting to order at 7:45 pm.

Reserve Fund Transfers

Ms. Vogt had six transfer requests to present to the Committee. They were:

A. Highway Barn Fuel- $299.55 to pay fuel bill. Vote was unanimous to pay bill.

B. Highway Barn Fuel- $242.14 to pay fuel bill. Vote was unanimous to pay bill.

C. Highway Barn Fuel- $560.60 to pay fuel bill. Vote was unanimous to pay bill.

D. Lyman Building Fuel- $1618.17 to pay electric bills. After Mr. farley examined the bill and verified it was for this amount, the vote was unanimous to pay the bill.

E. ZBA Expenses-$19.38 to pay for notices needed in newspapers.Vote was unanimous to pay the bill.

F. Town Accountant Expense- $4390.00 to pay for professional accounting services in order to close out books for 2000. Vote was unanimous to pay the bill.

After approving these transfers, the balance left in the Reserve Fund is $12,214.01.

Final Budget Review

Ms. Vogt presented the final draft for the budget and a few changes had been made by the BOS. These changes mainly were shifts in line items fot the EMT Department. EMT Training Salary was deleted and Lost Time Wages was cut to $500. The monies from these lines was shifted to EMT Wage Line to raise it to $13,800.00. These shifts were done with the approval of the EMT Director. FinCom agreed to go along with these changes. The Regional School Assessment figure was lower than expected, so $1294.98 was added to Reserve Fund to raise it to $43, 476.05 by the BOS.

Ms. Vogt reported that the Library Trustees had met with the BOS and strongly requested that BOS find some way to fund an assistant‚s position in the library, or they (Trustees) would have to bring the issue to the Town Meeting floor. BOS suggested to FinCom that $5000 could be taken from the following to fund an assistant‚s position:

Open Space-$200; Reserve Fund-$1300; Treasurer‚s Salary-$1200; Town Clock-$100; Town Clerk-$200; Veterans Service-$2000. Ms Vogt suggested that FinCom should "not nickel and dime" these lines, but take the amount entirely from Reserve Fund Line to fund the position. After discussion, FinCom decided to suggest to BOS that $5000 be taken from Reserve Fund line to fund a "Library Special Project" line and $1000 be taken from Reserve Fund line and added to Line 155 (Library Books) to keep this line at 20% of Library total budget. After these shifts in funding, Reserve Fund Line was left with $37,476.05.

Ms. Roberts then made the motion to accept the budget as proposed. This was seconded by Mr. Farley. Vote was unanimous by members to accept budget.

Final Review of Articles

Ms. Vogt led a final review of the Annual Town Meeting Articles. The only discussion and concerns were with the following:

Article 5 The "Senior Citizen Property Tax Work-Off Program" seems to be a project that was worthy of action, but FinCom members felt it needs to be planned more thoroughly before it is put in place. It would be difficult to monitor this program at this point in time. Article is disapproved by FinCom.

Article 8 The wording of the "Community Preservation Act" article needs to be worked on before FinCom can approve it. Mr. MacCallum had explained in a previous meeting that it it only to ask for permission to place it on next election‚s ballot, but the wording sounds like it is asking the voters to approve the Act now. FinCom will approve if it is re-worded more clearly.

Next FinCom meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 9 at 6:30pm.

Meeting adjourned at 9:40pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Christopher Nash, Assistant Clerk