Minutes of the Finance Committee, July 28, 2000

In attendance: members Leclerc, Roberts, Vogt.

Chair Vogt called meeting to order 6:45 pm.

Acceptance of Minutes

The minutes of July 13, 2000 were tabled until a quorum is present.

Quorum Requirement

Ms. Vogt reported that she had researched quorum requirements for the committee and four members must be present to take action on issues or reserve fund. In absence of a quorum, general discussion or working meetings can still be held.

Report on Department-Head Meeting

Ms Vogt reported that she had attended a recent Department Head meeting where she distributed copies of the FinCom passages in Ashby Town Bylaws along with Chapter 3 of the Finance Committee handbook. She used these materials to initiate discussion with Department Heads about FinCom’s proposed strategic plan prior to presentation to selectmen. She specifically told those present that FinCom would be inviting them to come to our meetings to discuss their particular financial needs and concerns. Ms. Vogt said she felt FinCom attendance at these meetings was crucial and suggested members might be willing to divide up this responsibility when she is unavailable.

Presentation to BOS of FinCom Strategic Plan

The presentation to BOS has been rescheduled for August 23, when it is hoped all three selectmen will be available to hear the presentation. Ms. Vogt is working with Ms. Raymond to produce the PowerPoint presentation for overhead projection to make it easier for those present, and those at home, to see the proposal.

Reports on Research

Software Compatibility

Mr. Leclerc reported that that software for town finances comes in modules and that Ashby is already using one of the packages recommended by the state though, as discussed earlier, the package is not used by all departments. It is hoped that when and if the town is able to network computers, additional modules could be purchased to help eliminate multiple entries of the same numbers. He reported that the accountant is currently working full time on the appropriate module for her department, which is good news.

Stabilization Fund

Ms. Roberts provided a spreadsheet with a comparison of the current information we have on the history and balances in the Stabilization Fund. There is some discrepancy in the historical numbers, which is thought to be attributed to interest payments that have not been itemized in the treasurer’s reports. After the current audit is finished, Ms. Roberts hopes to meet again with the treasurer to fill in the blanks. Spreadsheet is attached to these minutes.

Police Negotiations

Ms. Vogt reported that the negotiations with the police patrolmen’s union have been completed and that FinCom will be receiving a full report of the pertinent financial agreements. She also said that the Board of Selectmen is now engaged in executive session negotiations to come up with a contract for Chief Victoria.

Next Meeting

Next meeting will be held August 31, and Ms. Vogt hopes someone from the Board of Assessors can attend to tell us about this year’s tax rate.


Meeting adjourned at 7:55.

Respectfully submitted,


Peggy Roberts