Minutes of the Finance Committee
October 9, 2000


In attendance: members Leclerc, Morey, Vogt.

Chair Vogt called meeting to order 6:55 pm. Although a quorum was not present the committee had discussions on the following.

Acceptance of Minutes


Strategic Plan/FY02 Budget Schedule

Brief discussion regarding the dept. head meeting and the plan. It was noted that while there were several questions the overall impression was one of acceptance. Of particular interest was the brief explanation of FinCom’s approval, disapproval or no action given with each warrant article.

The schedule for the budget process for FY 2002 was sent to all dept heads with a cover letter from Deb Vogt. Further information to be gathered for the process include:

List of local receipts

Unitil’s gift for communications (Where is it?)

Special town meeting: What is the purpose?

There is still no date set. The main purpose for the meeting is to ratify the police contracts with the union. Chuck will look into the negotiations to see where we are in the process and what the current status is. If the negotiations are not settled there will be no real need for a STM.

In addition to the status of the police dept. Deb will get a copy of the warrant from Linda so FinCom can become familiar with the articles and begin to put them into the worksheets.

Also reviewed was the Distribution Sheet from the Commonwealth of MA Treasury Department. Payments reflected on the sheet show Ashby’s portion to be $109,921, effective Sept. 29,2000.

Discussion followed on ways to preserve the majority of these funds until the capital plan was in place. It was generally felt that to spend a large chunk of funds on a big ticket item now would be putting the cart before the horse when the CIP was so close to being complete.

Stabilization fund was discussed, as one of the articles for STM was to place $17K back into the fund from estimated receipts from the transfer station. There is some confusion as to why this needs to be on the warrant. Deb will check this out and report back next meeting.

Scott will begin working on the web site for FinCom shortly.

The next meeting on the 23rd of October will be to discuss progress on the Capital Improvement Plan with Linda and Peggy.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,


Deb Vogt,

Acting Clerk