Ashby Open Space & Recreation Plan
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GOAL 1: Preserve Rural Character

Through Zoning and Other Regulation

Through Education:

GOAL 2: Protect Natural Resources

Through Land Acquisition and Protection:

Through Water Resource Protection

Through the Protection of Strategic Habitats

Through Maintenance and Stewardship

  • GOAL 3: Increase Availability and Variety of Recreation Programs and Facilities
  • Active Recreation

    Passive Recreation


  • GOAL 4: Educate Residents About the Financial, Ecological and Personal Value of Open Space Preservation.
  • GOAL 5: Collaborate to Achieve Regional Integration
  • GOAL 6: Begin Active Protection of Key Open Spaces
  • Current Land Acquisition or Protection Priorities

    In our survey, the two specific places most often mentioned for protection were Mount Watatic and the Western Middlesex Stock Farm. The first task of the Open Space and Recreation Committee after completing this draft plan is to systematically rank specific parcels for protection. We expect to have this information included in the final document. In the meantime, four areas stand out as top priorities for protection or acquisition.

  • Because of its size and mixed woodlands, old orchards and open hay fields, the Stock Farm supports a wide variety of wildlife. Migrating woodcock and geese stop there; bear, moose, and deer pass through; and it provides a home to a great variety of songbirds, porcupines, rabbits and other creatures. Two small streams originate on the property and form part of the headwaters of Trapfall Brook. Another stream traverses the property. The parcel contains some isolated wetlands and several little ponds and abuts a 13-acre parcel owned by the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife.

    As discussed in the Inventory of Recreation Interests section of this document, residents are most interested in hiking, cross-country skiing and other forms of informal recreation. Because of its size, variety of landforms, ease of access, and its location near the center of town and the elementary school, the Western Middlesex Stock Farm is an ideal place to begin developing Ashby’s passive recreation opportunities.

  • Ashby Open Space & Recreation Plan
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