Free Tools for Viewing Files on this Website

Document Types

Some pages on this site link to documents that can be downloaded or viewed with a plug-in. Typically, these may include Adobe Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel.

MSWord & Excel

If you do not have the Microsoft programs on your computer you may download a free special "viewer" from Microsoft that will allow you to view these documents.

Acrobat PDF

The free Adobe Reader software will allow you to read documents saved as PDFs. If you don't already have Adobe Reader on your computer, you can download the latest free version from the Adobe website. If you prefer to have .pdf files converted to text files, this can be done using Adobe's online conversion tools.

Adjusting Text Size

If You Are Using Internet Explorer - from the browser menu select View > Text Size. The default font size is "medium", but you can select one of five font sizes from "smallest" to "largest."

If You Are Using Firefox - from the browser menu select View > Text Size. You can then increase or decrease the size of the font as needed.

If You Are Using Safari - from the system menu select View > Make Text Bigger or Make Text Smaller.